Think Beyond The Label

This morning, I discovered the best Web site I’ve ever seen about the disability-diversity connection. It’s called Think Beyond The Label. The site is dynamic, but not overwhelming; sensible, but not staid; persuasive, but not preachy. It’s a multi-faceted approach to raising awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense.

The most innovative part of Think Beyond The Label is Hire Gauge, an interactive tool that “helps calculate the money and benefits behind hiring a worker with disability.”

TBTL has a lot of fun dispelling myths with eCards, disseminating information on Hire Learning (their collaborative blog), and solidifying their point with salient stats. They make it easy and simple for employers to connect with the resources they need to hire a person with disability.

Think Beyond The Label is not only the perfect Web site for National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it provides a blueprint for the most effective, most productive, and most diverse workforce the United States has ever known.



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