Brief review: A Night For Networking

Congratulations to OHSU for another terrific Night For Networking event last Thursday! For me, personally, it was special to reconnect with some of the wonderful people who have believed in, supported, and encouraged me. I am deeply grateful to Nita, Loretta, Selaina, and John for their advice and generosity. The evening also allowed me to meet new people, and to learn more about ways to continue empowering people with disability.

Some things OHSU did particularly well:

• Accessibility for wheelchairs was greatly improved from last year

• Nametags were color coded to distinguish employers from employment seekers, et al

• Good, healthful catering

One thing to work on:

• Hard to hear speakers over the room’s conversation volume level


1 thought on “Brief review: A Night For Networking

  1. It’s great you went to the event, Mark. Sounds like you got a lot out of the connecting. Was great to see you yesterday at church. Would love to hear more about your new job sometime!

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