Harper’s Playground

It was always my intention to aim disabledandemployed not only to the disabled job-seeking and job-sustaining community, but to the disabled community at large. Fortuitously, October was National Disabled Employment Awareness Month, and — had I not been transitioning to new employment myself — I could have written daily about opportunities, workshops, and webinars on the local, regional, and federal levels. I hope I have been able to share important, empowering information and resources that genuinely help others maintain employment and independent living. While balancing the past month’s learning (at my new job), blogging, and family life, I haven’t spent much time considering how this blog might evolve. But last Thursday, at Harvey Scott school’s Disability Awareness Night, I learned about Harper’s Playground, a very important ongoing project to build an inclusive playground for kids and adults. And I realized a new element my blog could feature.

The key word here is “inclusive.” I heard it very clearly, almost as if for the first time, in my brief conversation with Cody Goldberg, Harper’s father. My take is this: “accessible” parks are the law. “Inclusive” parks are for everyone. Goldberg pointed out the connection between Harper’s Playground, disability, and employment. An inclusive park, he said, eventually has a positive effect on the workplace because kids grow up (eventually some of them will make hiring decisions) viewing disability as the norm.

Visit Harper’s Playground on the web to learn more about the project.


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