“Push Girls” on the Sundance Channel

As an erstwhile alternative rock critic, I have to say “Push Girls” doesn’t qualify as great television the way “The Sopranos,” “NYPD Blue,” “Hill Street Blues” (dating myself there, ain’t I?) and many others do. As a person with a disability who faces accessibility issues and an ongoing struggle that I gratefully acknowledge isn’t as hard for me as for others (I still have mobility), I enjoyed the program. 

As a disabled critic, I agree with Suzanne Robitaille’s comments that “Push Girls” battles perceptions on several levels. I haven’t read the New York Times review Robitaille cites. I recognize the women are not fully developed as subjects yet, but this is the pilot episode. Maybe I’ve become a little more forgiving as I’ve aged, but let’s see what happens. Watch the pilot here.

Come on everybody, let’s get a little discussion going here … fan the flames a little bit … get opinionated … lay it out there … there are no wrong answers!


1 thought on ““Push Girls” on the Sundance Channel

  1. Thanks for the link, Mark. It’s great to see such confident people believing in themselves, and the in the show women certainly are attractive, There’s something that turns me off about reality shows, though. Maybe beyond the pilot there’ll be something more interesting.

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